1 – Construction Governmental Projects

No. Project Name Clint Project Cost ID
1 Design and Build a tunnel and bridge of Al-Zoyoutcrossroad in Al-Ramadi MMPW 27,578,158,000
2 Establish the building of Al-Anbar Health Department Al-Anbar Health Directorate 6,570,000,000
3 Establish the building of the state estates in Al-Anbar Directorate General Authority of Buildings 4,643,914,5000
4 Establish the building of the central buildings (halls) of Al-Anbar University Al-Anbar Governorate 2,493,925,000
5 Establish the building of Handicaps Rehabilitation Center Al-Anbar Health Directorate 1,200,969,000
6 Establish schools and health complexes and concrete yards (Al-Khaldeyah- Heet-Hdaithah) Al-Anbar Education Directorate 1,078,596,000
7 Rehabilitation of Al-Ramadi Big Water Project Al-Anbar Governorate 1,200,303,500
8 Establish Al-Tarmeyah sector for initial health care Baghdad Health Department/Al-Karkh 1,400,000,000
9 Build a main health center in Aburkeeba al-kashashi Al-Anbar Health Directorate 749,613,500
10 Supply and establish a water collector  in Al-HadabBarwana Area Al-Anbar Governorate 707,968,500
11 Supply and establish a water collector of one million gallon in East Husaiba Al-Anbar Governorate 700,510,500

2 – Commercial Governmental Requirements

No. Clint Date Requirement  Description
1 Al-Anbar Health Directorate 2013 Supply of:

Telephone exchange System (Telephone switchboard) 50 Lines.

Ceiling Fan of 300 NOS.

Table Fan of 150 NOS.

AC Split Unit 2 Ton of 30 NOS.

AC Split 8 Ton (Contor Type) / Floor Standing Type of 10 NOS.

PC Computers 100 PCS.

Laptop 25 PCS.

2 Anbar University-based alternative in the College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad 2016 Supply of:

Water  Air Conditioner of 500 NOS.

Water Tank of 500 NOS.

AC Split Unit 2 Ton of 100 NOS.

AC Split 5 Ton (Contor Type) / Floor Standing Type of 20 NOS.

Ceiling Fan of 400 NOS.

Table Desk of 30 NOS.

Table Chair of 30 NOS.

LCD 42″ of 20 PCS.

Water Cooler 22 PCS.

Fax Device of 10 PCS.

3 Al-Anbar Governorate 2015 Supply of:

Water  Air Conditioner of 5000 NOS.

Water Tank of 5000 NOS.

Rechargeable Fan of 5000 NOS.

Rechargeable Lamp of 4000 NOS.

Steel Locker of 35 PCS.

Wood Cabinet of 13 PCS.

PC Computer of 15 PCS.

 3 –  Previous Executed Projects

The company executed more than 20 projects in different fields like new construction, road paving, electrical power generation and wiring, new and restored water treatment facilities, new grade schools serving, a list of some of these projects are listed in the table below:

No. Project Name Clint
1 Extend sewage lines for stone buildings Al-Anbar Sewage Directorate
2 Extend sewage lines for apartments in Al-Ramadi Al-Anbar Sewage Directorate
3 Extend sewage lines Al-Baker quarter Al-Anbar Sewage Directorate
4 Extend water network of Al-Khaba’eyya, Um Al-Qora Mosque Al-Anbar Water Directorate
5 Rehabilitate Boujahsh Water collector Al-Habaneyya Water Directorate
6 Comprehensive rebuilding of two schools in Al-Baghdadi district Al-Anbar Education Directorate
7 Build a school in Heet Al-Mohammadi district Al-Anbar Education Directorate
8 Build schools and health complexes and concrete yards (Al-Khaldeyah- Heet-Hdaithah) Al-Anbar Education Directorate
9 Establish the building of the fourth municipal department Al-Ramadi Municipality Directorate
10 Maintain sidewalks and supply crepstone of 15 Km Al-Ramadi Municipality Directorate
11 Paving streets Al-Ramadi Municipality Directorate
12 Destruction and removing remains Al-Anbar Health Directorate
13 Fencing Work Sunni endowment directorate of Al-Anbar
14 Build a police station for Al-Anbar University Presidency of Al-Anbar University
15 Comprehensive rebuilding for Grenade school Al-Anbar Education Directorate
16 Comprehensive rebuilding for Al-Zahawi school Al-Anbar Education Directorate
17 Comprehensive rebuilding for Al-Tadamon Elementary school Al-Anbar Education Directorate
18 Rehabilitation of Al-Saqlaweyya Water collectors Al-Falluja Water Directorate
19 Rehabilitation of Emar Engineering building Al-Anbar Governorate
20 Establish the building of school halls Al-Anbar University
21 Extend Al-Hamada Water network Baghdad Water directorate