We have the pleasure to introduce our company ” Khairat Aljazeera General Contracting Co.” which was established in 2004 in Baghdad as an Iraqi First class contracting company according to the Iraqi Federation Contractors Union, our company has ISO certificate 9001:2008.
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Our Goals

The Main Goals of the Company: We hope that we can play a big and real partnership role with other International and Iraqi companies to rebuild Iraq and reconstruct its infrastructures in order to improve the people life style specially after the Iraqi freedom operation, hence we would like to reach at a real progressed, improved and up-to-date society including the improvement of the our national economy and all improvement plans for the Iraqi future in the fields of construction and rebuilding.


Our Equipments

equipment's The company has many of the heavy machines equipment's for different purposes like soil works, transportation, concrete transferring and pumping in addition, the company owns specialized heavy machines equipment's for electrical and mechanical purposes with all required tools for completing the desired works, below is a table shows some of the company owned heavy machines and equipment's click once or red text for
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Our Departments

1- Planning and observation department: This department is responsible on all planning operations with detailed progressing steps toward high accuracy and speed performance and execution for the required projects according to the desired scope of works. 2-Thechnical Department: This department is the in charge of putting all the actual work steps since a high specialized and professional staff is belong to this department,
1- Planning and observation department:
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Main Activities

1. Performing all the contracting and engineering works mainly in an EPC projects, such as the design and construct Bridges, Tunnels, construction of all types of Buildings, Housing complexes, Service Buildings, Water Treatment plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Power and Electricity Plant. 2. Supply, install and maintenance of all kinds of materials and equipments for the electrical power generation stations, all the wiring works (low tension and high tension) with all accessories. see more about this




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